It is certain that women are different from men. This is also not true about the symptoms of heart attack. It is believed that heart attack is only a men’s problem, but now we know that heart attack can come to anyone. What to do when a heart attack, The first cause of death in women is heart disease. Identify the Symptoms of heart attack in females under 30

Trouble in breathing :- A study showed that about 42% of women who had suffered a heart attack had to face problems of breathing. Although men also have this symptom, women may have to face problems like breathing without breathing without pain in the chest.

Pain in the upper part of the body :- Pain in the neck, back, tooth, jaw, arms and shoulder bones in women is the symptoms of heart attack. This is called “radiating” pain and this is because many arteries of the heart end here like the fingers of the fingers where the pain is concentrated.

Dizziness, vomiting, and stomach disorders :- The symptoms of resuscitation, vomiting, or dyspepsia, are more common in women than men during the heart attack. This often happens because the right arterial heart which gives blood to the heart, which goes deep into the heart, becomes blocked.

Fatigue and Sleep Problems :- Many women complain that almost half of the women complain that when they got heart attack, they suddenly began to feel tired, there was no reason for it. Half women had to face the problem of sleep.

Flu :- Symptoms like flu are not clear right now, but symptoms of flu can also be symptoms of life-threatening heart attack, including fatigue.

Sweating :- If you are not going through a period of menopause and still if you start getting sweating suddenly, then be very careful. It may be a symptom that you will soon get to the hospital.

Chest pain and pressure :- The symptoms of heart attack in women cannot be only chest pain, but it certainly happens. Instead of focusing on symptoms, if you are experiencing some new symptoms and they are not getting away, then go to the doctor immediately. According to Dr. Hayes, it is better to repent later than to be safe.

Dizziness Heading :- Head or dizziness is another symptom of heart attack. This is due to obstruction in one vein going to the heart.

Pain in the jaw :- If you have pain in the jaw, then it means that you have suffered a heart attack because the nerves that have it come out from your heart. If pain continues, you have toothache problems; If this happens in a little while and when you get tired and the pain increases, it can be related to the heart.

Inconvenience or irritation in the chest or back :- women often interpret heart attack with hardness, heaviness pressure. This pain is not severe or sudden; It keeps coming for several weeks; Thus, it is mistaken for indigestion or irritation. If this pain does not happen immediately after eating, if you do not have any problems of dyspepsia or if you are experiencing a problem like dizziness, then immediately show the doctor.

Conclusion :- We would just like to say to you that as soon as you see these symptoms, you should go to the doctor immediately and get your treatment, if it is checked at the right time, it can be stopped.

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