Being a mother is the most enjoyable experience of the world. After marriage, every woman wants to get this happiness. But today’s lifestyle is becoming a problem in infertility women. So if you want to persuade too soon, we can help you to tell about what to eat when trying to get pregnant –

Green leafy vegetables :- Keep green leafy vegetables, especially spinach reproductive organs healthy. Iron, folic acid and antioxidants are very helpful in this. In vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, moth and sprouts, there are plenty of ingredients called dye indolemethane (DIIM). It also helps in increasing fertility.

Drink more water :- It is known to all that drinking more water should be needed to stay healthy, but do you know that drinking excessive water also helps in persecution? Reproductive organ work properly. Natural fluids easily reach the sperm servings. If you are thinking of conceiving then do not let the body lack water. The lack of water in the body can also be dangerous.

Eat carrots :- To be pregnant, women’s menstrual periods are essentially. Consume carrot, peas, sweet potato (Ganji) etc. for this.

Vitamin C containing etching :- Regular consumption of orange, strawberries, blueberries and kiwi fruits helps in persuading women. Fresh and organic fruit also helps you become pregnant. But such fruits, which are kept by packs or preservatives, contain chemicals. So avoid eating them, and know about what to eat for be pregnant

Milk products :- Milk-made things increase fertility in women. Therefore women should eat milk, yogurt

Eat almonds :- Women can also eat almonds, walnuts and apricots. The omega-3 fatty acid contained in it is extremely important for the body.

Turmeric :- The rich properties of antioxidant-rich turmeric enhance the fertility potential.

Nuts and beans :- Nuts and beans contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and plenty of protein. It increases the growth of embryos in women and improves the quality of the sperm in men.

Garlic :- It contains a mineral called selenium, which reduces the chances of miscarriage and increases the chances of your pregnancy.

Olive oil :- Monosaturated fat in this oil reduces inflammation in the body and is helpful in pregnancy.

Vitamin B is very important :- If you are planning a family, then first increase the intake of vitamin B in your diet. There is good amount of vitamin B in green leafy vegetables, in whole grains, eggs and meat.

Do not ignore folic acid :- Folic acid, on the one hand, enhances the capacity of pregnancy while at the same time it is a very important element for the development of the womb. Folic acid is found in soybean, potato, wheat, beet, banana and broccoli.

Add Diet to Dairy Products :- There is plenty of calcium in dairy products. They not only work to increase fertility but also work to strengthen the bones. Such women should include fertility boosts like milk, yogurt, eggs and fish in their diet.

Omega 3 is also very important :- Such women should make almonds, walnuts, and fish part of their diet. Omega 3 is found in abundance in all these three things. Omega 3 fatty acids need not only be taken before pregnancy but also in pregnancy it is necessary to take it.

Conclusion – so we can say that if you want to be pregnant so you have to be preparing for this, you have to get some info about fertility foods and take care of yourself before conceiving pregnancy.

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