Lack of modern lifestyle, men has to pay their lost sperm count. This has affected their reproductive ability and the quality of the sperm also decreased. A study in Britain has revealed the negative effect of men’s reproduction on the basis of modern lifestyle. This very worrisome figure has been revealed from the study that 50 years ago, the number of sperm in men was 11 million three hundred and thirty million which was reduced to 6 million twenty million in 1988, so in this article we are reading about How to increase sperm count at home

Increasing stress, obesity, poor lifestyle and pollution can prove to be a great danger to men of the world. This thing is not less than a shade for men, but if the situation can still be handled. If the person makes some improvements in his habits, he can certainly be able to become a father.

Withholding the use of medicines used in any kind of drug addiction and macho man, improper eating habits, changes in diet, reducing body temperature, less use of caffeine and minimizing the use of mobile Damage to sperms can be reduced and sperm count can be increased. By adopting these measures, it can be possible to make high quality sperm in good quantity, so lets know about How to increase sperm –

Smoking :- experts say that smoking reduces the number of men in smoking and their quality also sinks, so it is good to leave them. This reduces blood supply to kidneys and increases blood pressure.

Daily Exercise :- Exercise daily will reduce obesity and stress and it will make the whole body healthier. Too much harder to do with exercises and training programs.

Maintain healthy weight :- The body is not too thin or too thick because body weight only influences the level of estrogen and testosterone.

Say no to stem bath :- Steam and hot water can reduce your sperm count even after bathing with a sauna bath and hot water in the week remaining steam bath. But steam and hot water can reduce your sperm count by 40 ds or more.

Do not keep the mobile in the pocket :- Do not put the mobile or laptop on your pocket and thigh. Protect your testicles from the scorching heat.

If you wear tight underwear :- the testicles will not produce enough sperm and countless sperms. When you have to sit for a long time, you do not wear tight underwear.

Avoid excessive lubricant :- use excessive lubricants, they can also cause sperm death.

Do not drink too much coffee :- Every day, one or two cups of coffee will not make any difference as much as the cup of coffee will be poured on coffee. This spoils the dynamics of the sperm.

Conclusion :- So now we have learned about all the factors related to the sperm, now take care of all these things, and don’t do any of these following things, otherwise you can face the physical problems associated with it.

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