As we all know, cough has an important role to play in flushing out the infections from the body. But when the cough persists longer than expected, then it becomes a serious issue. Cough can arise from a variety of factors –ranging from excessive exposure to cold weather to allergies and bacterial infections. 

Here is a list of 14 effective home remedies for cough that are sure to work wonders for your sore throat:

1.Honey tea

Honey tea
Honey tea

Honey tea is an extremely beneficial home remedy for wet cough. It has proven to work wonders for children who suffer from wet cough. In order to use honey as a medicinal remedy for wet cough, it should be mixed with lukewarm water or hot tea. This mixture should be taken once or twice a day for best results.

2. Ginger


Ginger is known to have many wondrous characteristics as it is known to treat nausea and pain as well. Moreover, ginger is known to work best on dry cough as it has relaxing and healing properties. Ginger can be considered to be the best remedy for dry cough as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. As a cough remedy, ginger can be consumed by brewing it in water or tea. For best results, a teaspoon of honey can be added to ginger tea. 

3. Hot beverages

Hot beverages
Hot beverages

This is one of the quintessential cough remedies as their warmth proves extremely soothing for a sore throat. Moreover, it is important to stay hydrated whenever someone is suffering from severe coughing. Some of the well-known hot beverages known for treating cough and cold are herbal tea, coffee, warm juices, soups and broths. 

4. Steam


Taking up steam can open up the nostrils which provide great relief from wet cough. For taking steam, one can boil some water and keep it in a bowl. Then the person can cover their head with a towel and then let the steam seep in through the nose.

5. Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root
Marshmallow root

Another useful natural remedy for wet cough that can relieve the irritation that comes with cough and sore throat. To use it as a natural home remedy for cough, boil some water or tea and add the marshmallow root into it. 

6. Salt-water gargle

Salt-water gargle
Salt-water gargle

This is one of the most basic, yet one of the most effective home remedies for wet cough. Salt is extremely effective when it comes to reducing mucus and phlegm. To use salt water as a home remedy for cough, mix a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water. Then use it to gargle for as long as you can. 

7. Bromelain


Bromelain is an enzyme that comes from pineapples which has anti-inflammatory properties. In order to reduce wet cough, one can take pineapple juice everyday to reduce the mucus accumulated in the throat. However, bromelain also comes with some side-effects and should be consumed with precaution. 

8. Thyme


Known for having the best medicinal properties, thyme can cure both dry and wet cough sooner than one can expect. To use it as a natural home remedy for cough, add two tablespoons of thyme to a glass of warm water. Wait for 10 mins for it to get mixed with the water and then drink it. 

Necessary Dietary Changes

For treating cough naturally, it is important to make some dietary changes. Making the required dietary changes can reduce the acid reflux in our body that is responsible for cough. Here is a list of some of the foods to avoid as they are responsible for the acid reflux in our body: 

  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Chocolate
  • Unhealthy fried food
  • Lemon
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions and Garlic
  • Mint
  1. Slippery Elm: Like marshmallow root, slippery elm contains a high amount of mucilage that works as an effective home remedy for wet cough. It has traditionally been used by Native Americans to treat cough and cold. To use it as a home remedy for cough, add a teaspoon of slippery elm to a glass of warm water. Wait for at least 10 minutes before consuming it. (1)
  2. N- acetylcysteine (NAC): Taking a daily dose of it will reduce the production of mucus and treat dry and wet cough. However, NAC can have critical side effects like fever and breathing problems. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor first before consuming it. (2)
  3. Probiotics: Even though probiotics cannot treat cough directly, they can strengthen the immune system. By balancing the bacteria in the body, it makes the immune system stronger which minimizes the chances of cough and cold. Some of the foods that are imbued with probiotics are as follows:(3)
  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Miso soup
  • Kimchi
  1. Peppermint : Well known for its healing properties, peppermint can help break down the mucus which can eventually cure cough. To use it as a home remedy for cough, peppermint can be inhaled from a steam bath or consumed as a tea. 
  2. Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice proves to be extremely effective, especially for kids for treating dry cough. Enriched with vitamin A and C, pomegranate juice can strengthen the immune system and has a healing effect on the throat. 

To get rid of persistent coughing, home remedies often come to great use. But one must be careful while adopting natural remedies for cough since the FDA is not responsible for overseeing herbs and supplements. Therefore, it is advisable to use natural ingredients with precaution as they might contain some impurities that haven’t been filtered. 

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